Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hershey and Mia

I realized as this week has gone on that some of our friends and family who read the blog are not on facebook and therefore have no idea about the rollercoaster of the past week.  So let me catch up our friends and then I have a million pictures!!!

So last Sunday started like any other day. We got up and were playing around before starting some errands and chores we needed to get done. Bruce and Alex had just left to get a haircut when I found Hershey in my bedroom having a massive seizure. I won't go into details, but it was bad enough that we did not think he would live through the day. He spent 4 hours unresponsive, unable to move and drooling uncontrollably. He did improve as the day went on and was even a little better by Monday morning. I took Hersh to the vet on Monday morning. He examined Hersh and determined that along with the seizure he had had a mild stroke. Based on blood work and some pretty extensive weight loss over the past year, it appears that Hersh may have cancer. We are enjoying what ever time we have left with him and spoiling him rotten!

Knowing that our dogs (Both Hayley and Hershey) were reaching the end of their lives based on years, we had been talking about getting a new puppy. We knew the loss of one or both of the dogs would be very hard on all of us, but especially on Alex who has already lost so much in his life. Our breeder (, Tripper had recently been posting pictures of some new litters. I had been eyeing them and convincing Bruce we needed a new little one. After Sunday and Monday, we decided to just jump in and do it. We looked at some pictures and talked to Tripper multiple times about the traits we most wanted in a new puppy. From the first set of pics on, Alex fell in love with one little female and never waivered. After talking to Tripper, we also found her to be the perfect fit personality wise. We asked Tripper for only 3 things. One, that the pup be very loyal to Alex. That he or she cuddle with him when he he wasn't feeling great and play with him when he is feeling good. Two, that a pup be affectionate and three, smart. Tripper assured us that the puppy that Alex fell in love with perfectly fit this description. What he didn't tell us is how calm she is! On Tuesday we made the decision to buy our precious Mia. She came home to us yesterday and has been more then we could have asked for. From the airport, to the car, to home she has been awesome. She has not barked a single time. Is giving clear signals when she needs to go out and has not left Alex's side. She slept with all night and he woke up to cuddles and kisses.  I think the pictures will tell the story!

Alex and Mia meeting
Alex and Mia with Brooke, the awesome girl who brought her
The ride home
Best Buddies Already
She has such a sweet face
She really likes Hayley!
This is how I found them 5 minutes after putting them to bed


  1. Just darling!!! I can't imagine 3 labs in one house!!! We have one and our house is covered in black dog hair!!! May I ask how old the other two are??

  2. I'm so glad Hershey is doing a little better, and Mia is just adorable. Seeing her with Alex reminds me so much of how Celia and our dog, Jack, were inseparable until the end.

    I also wanted to share that I'm nominating you for a Liebster Award. All of the info is posted here - xo