Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, November 16, 2012

Quick Update

Just a quick update to let everyone know we are doing well!

Alex is LOVING school! He has the most amazing, loving teacher. She has truly gone out of her way to make Alex feel loved and included. I am so thankful for the caring souls that God has placed in Alex's life. With everything he has been through, he has always been surrounded with love and that means the world to me. The schedule has definitely been a little rough to get used to. Alex is exhausted. We are tweaking certain parts of his all around schedule to allow for the most rest and down time. Who would of thought 3 hours of school a week would be so hard!

Last weekend we attended the Longhorn Camporee for Cub scouts. It was held at the Speedway and was a fun morning for us. Unfortunately we didn't make it all day as Alex was tired and his legs really hurt.  It was such a "boy" event. Lots of guns! Alex loved that part. All my rules about guns went down the drain! Here are some pics!
As for medically, we are still trying to figure some things out. We are watching labs and talking to the doctors often as we try and sort out when and how much IV fluid to give him. He is adjusting well to his oxygen and is not fighting me about wearing it any longer. We have also started a new medication as needed for stomach pain and it is helping some so that is good.
Alex and I have to make a quick trip to Houston Tuesday and Wednesday. Please pray for us to travel safely. Also, Brucey has a second interview for job he would love today at nine. Please lift him up. A job before Christmas would be a HUGE blessing!
Love you,


  1. I'm curious what medication he's using for the stomach pain?? We need something that can be used on an ad needed basis!!