Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

How do you so Thank you when your life is so full of blessings?

Top 10 things I am thankful for:

#1- My Sweet Buggy. Almost a year ago we almost lost our precious boy. I am so THANKFUL everyday for his sweet voice, his kind spirit, his quick wit, his joyful smile, his unwavering faith, his incredible bravery. I treasure each moment I get to share with this amazing child.

#2- My family who always steps up. Whether it is Mom jumping on a plane to be by our side when Bug is sick or Dad helping us when times are touch, or countless other relatives who support us, our family is ALWAYS there for us.

#3- My friends- I have some of the most incredible friends around the country. I have been so lucky my whole life with my friends. My friends are the ones I lean on. They are the ones who get the phone calls full of tears and full of laughter. I have friends from high school, college and motherhood who are willing to reach out and see how we are doing. Friends who understand that sometimes I go months without calling or emailing when times are hectic.

#4- Doctors, Nurses and Hospital Staff- I am more than THANKFUL that 4 years ago our path led us to Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. I am continually amazed at the care and LOVE we find there. Alex's life is not easy and yet the staff at CMHH make it so much better. Alex is not only cared for physically, but his well being and chilhood is always considered. He is surrounded with love and kindness. Dr. Koenig, Dr. Pacheco and countless others are always tryign to improve Alex's health and Quality of life. There is always a volunteeer to play with. His "girls" (both nurses and child life) are always willing to do things a little differently so Alex can feel safe and secure and happy. Even the cleaning ladies go out of there way to say hi and see if we need anything. CMHH truly is a second home to us and we are so fortunate for that.

#5- Our "help" at home- First and foremost, Theresa, who has been our faithful nurse for over 4 years. She puts up with the craziness of th Beckwith clan on a regular basis. She has to deal with our crankiness and exhaustion. She is my right hand. I am forever asking her if she remembers something (because I have the world's worst memory, except for my mom :)). She keeps me on track with appts, supplies, household goods, prescriptions, etc. When I am annoyed with Bruce or Alex or someone else it is Theresa who has to listen to me vent. I am so thankful for her dedication and commitment to us. Then there is Liz, our beloved OT who has been with us for so long. She started working with Alex 6 long years ago. She has been through so much with us. She loves Alex and is able and wiling to work with him no matter what the situation or mood! Dr. Kristy- Last March Alex was at his lowest point emotionally. I was scared for his well being. He was scared, angry, sad. That is when we first walked into Dr. Kristy's office and our lives were changed. She is Alex's psycholigist and savior. I don't know where we would be without her. Our time with her has been nothing short of miraculous. Alex loves her and we will forever be grateful for the love and compassion she shows. Last, our amazing pharmacy and DME. Our compounder Stacia has been the only person to EVER make Alex's medications. Because of his allergies medications have been very difficult. Stacia has been relentless in finding and making safe meds. Neena and Michelle- Our sweet ladies from Optioncare who have to put up with harassement from both Theresa and I on a weekly basis as we track down labs and supplies. They are always so gracious and kind.

#6- Our awesome church family. They pray for us and welcome us back whenever we are able to make it. Over the years they have been willing to make so many accomodations so Alex could attend Sunday school or VBS.

#7- I am thankful for Bruce's Job. While it is certainly been a challenge to adjust to a new income and Bruce communting an hour each way to work, I know how many people are still unemployed.

#8- I am thankful to the Make A Wish Foundation of North Texas for making Alex's dreams come true this year. Our trip to San Diego was so incredible. So many people worked to make that week magical.

#9- I am thankful for research and new treatments that have made such a difference for Alex!

#10- The power of Prayer. I have been awed and amazed by how many people pray for Alex all over the country. I believe that those prayers make a difference and will continue to in my sweet boy's life.

I am sure I have forgotten someone or something...As I said at the beginning, How do you give Thanks for SO many blessings. I hope our family has in some way blessed you with our friendship and love. I know you have blessed us.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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