Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, May 23, 2011

No News Is Good News

I haven't blogged because it has been pretty quiet around here. (Please stop and knock on some wood right now!) Things have been somewhat "normal" around here. We have just been doing school, therapy, psychology, etc! Alex has been great. His behavior has been fabulous and he has been breezing through school. He wants to finish this years curriculum so he is doing extra work each day to get through sooner.

We are gearing up to go away on our first vacation of the summer. We are going to the beach and can't wait! We will be with Grandpa, Aunt Jenn-Jenn, and Skye-Skye for the whole vacation and Mimi and Pop-Pop will join us for a few days. We are also hoping to see some friends! I am really hoping this vacation has a better ending then our last!

In medical news...Alex has done really well since starting the supplemental Potassium. There was some discussion of trying to stop it, but it was decided we would wait until after our beach trip and then see how he is doing then. I have had quite a bit of communication with Dr. P (immunologist) about IVIG (infusion to boost his immune system) and other measures to keep Alex healthy and out of the hospital. While we would have liked to give Alex IVIG before this trip we simply ran out of time. We do have a good protocol in place in case he gets sick while we are away. Dr. P. has actually spoken to the local hopsital and gave them a history on Alex and some treatment protocols. It allows us all to rest a little easier knowing something is in place in case of an emergency. Dr. P is also insistent that Alex wear a mask on the airplane which he is NOT happy about. We will continue the discussions about IVIG when we return home.

One last thing...Alex has been doing some testing with his Psychologist. He is doing an awesome job. I am so proud of him! He loves his Psychologist and has really built a strong, trusting relationship with her in a short amount of time. We are seeing the positive effects of this in all aspects of his life. We are so thankful to have found someone so loving and knowledgeable to help us with this aspect of Alex's care.

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel and try and give Alex some more fun experiences adn memories!

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