Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

We have been so busy, but it has all been filled with fun! We have been soaking up time at home with friends and family and making incredible memories.

Grandpa flew in last Tuesday to be here for Easter. Alex always loves having Grandpa around. He gets so excited. Wednesday and Thursday we ran lots of errands getting ready for Easter and Alex's big Cub Scout banquet.

Those of you who have been followers of our story for a while know that we part of an incredible playgroup. WE have been so lucky to be with the same group since Alex was a month old. This week they once again proved what compassionate, loving women these mothers are. Alex missed our MOMS club Easter Egg Hunt last week with a low grade fever that I didn't want to turn into more. So Playgroup decided we needed ANOTHER egg hunt so Alex could participate. On top of that they made all of the eggs "no candy" so Alex could enjoy all the treats. Time and again, these women have made accomodations and changed plans so Alex could have the same experiences as everyone else. The love these families show for Alex is truly amazing and one the greatest blessings in our life. Obviously, the children share the same big hearts their Moms have. I was touched watching these seven best buddies during their hunt. They helped each other, shared eggs so everyone had the same amount and traded so everyone got some of each prize. There was no resentment, no hard feelings. Just friends looking out for one another. In Alex's life, there will never be another group where he feels like this. He loves the comfort of not having to talk about mito and not having to explain why he has tubes or why he doesn't eat. These kids know Alex for who he is and love every part of him. For me there is no greater gift.

Unfortunately the fun took a small toll as it usually does. We left our friends and travelled to have dinner with Aunt Ann and Uncle Oscar. Alex felt sick for most of dinner and wound up vomiting outside the restaurant. However, a little medication and a quiet day the next day and he settled back down.

Saturday night was a celebration Buggy had been anxiously awaiting! The annual Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. It was another fun night with friends and celebrating the accomplishments of these boys who worked all year to meet acheivements to cross over to the next level in cub scouts. Alex has loved cub scouts and the new friends he has made. Although he could do without the paint at the ceremonies!

Easter was another funfilled day. We did not attend church because we have found that church usually equals the hospital. Alex always winds up sick. So we had our usual Easter Egg hunt to find the basket and then we packed up and headed to six flags for the day. Alex is definitely my boy as he loves rides just like his Momma! And my Dad was able to watch Alex some so Bruce and I were able to get on some roller coasters including the brand new Texas Giant.

I have lots of pics...enjoy!


  1. The beautiful pictures and descriptions of fun make me so happy for you guys. Hope things continue smoothly.

  2. Your post made me cry. You got only one thing wrong...WE (the rest of the playgroup) are the lucky ones to have you and Alex in our lives!