Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, July 20, 2009

And the countdown is on...23 hours till we hit the air and head to NC!!!!

This week has been all about recovery!

Af​ter last weekends flurry of activity, Alex needed some quiet peaceful days to get back to normal! We had pretty quiet days except Wednesday when we joined all our friends for a pool party. Thanks Tash! Alex had fun swimming with his buddies and then playing, um destroying, Tasha's upstairs. It is funny because when we went to corral the kids the boys were in one room and the girls were in another. I guess they are getting to that age when the games you want to play are just different!

O​ur exciting news for the week....Whe​n i spoke to Dr. Koenig about Alex's liver, my main question was there anything we can do to slow the progress of the liver failure. Her answer was nothing other then the two supplements widely regarded as the only "treatment" for mito: Carnitine and CoEnzyme Q10. Well, Alex has been on Carnitine forever, but failed CoQ10 miserably a while back. So I set out on a mission researching every form, brand, type of CoQ10. I found a form that looked potentially okay. Well I am thrilled to say that Alex has been on CoQ10 for 6 days and seems to be tolerating it just fine! I am so thankful we gave it another chance.

Toda​y is lab day which as I said last week is always met with trepidation. Especially on the eve of a much awaited trip. I will only update again if something comes back that needs prayers.

Please pray for safe travels, health throughout the trip and on our return, and LOADS of fun!


UPDA​TE- Other then liver, labs look great! So we go off without worrying too much.

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