Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, May 16, 2008

As always Alex likes to keep everyone on their toes!

We saw the GI this morning and he really had nothing to add. Then we headed for our hearing test. Alex gave us a pretty bad scare. He had a really bad allergic reaction to the sedative they gave him. They had only given him 1/5 of the dose. He started wheezing, coughing, retching. He was really scared and so were Bruce and I. We got enough of the hearing test done and everything seems fine with his hearing.

Nex​t we headed to see Dr. Koenig. I will update more on her appt. tomorrow. We didn't learn a ton, but we did get answers to some of our questions.

Last we went to the lab, so I could take Alex's blood. At the lab, Alex started shaking really bad and was freezing. We got blankets and warmed him up. I took his blood and we headed back to the Ronald McDonald House. When we got back, I picked Alex up andhe felt warm. I took his temperature and it was 104.5. So I was scared we would be heading back to the hospital. Luckily, Dr. k knows Alex's quirks pretty well by now. She feels comfortable with me monitoring him. We have stopped his feeds and put him on sugar water and are doing acetominoph​in. If he gets worse or I am worried we are to go to the ER and have her paged. So we are kind of just waiting. My plan is to head home tomorrow. If Alex still has a fever I won't leave. If the fever is gone I will be home.


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