Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hi everyone! We are having so much fun in NC. We always do! First we spent 5 days at Mimi's and PopPop's. Aunt JennJenn and Skye Skye came also. We got to see Aunt Ginger (My mom's sister) who we haven't see in over ten years. It was great to see her. It was amazing to have me, mom, Jenn and Ginger all together. There are so many similaritie​s. Alex LOVED Aunt Ginger. he kept wanting her to play with him. And you all know how much Alex loves his Mimi. We haven't see Jenn ans Skye since October. The boys weren't too interested in each other then. It was really fun to watch them play together this time. Alex loved being "the leader" for once. With our friends at home he is the youngest and smallest so he tends to follow what the other kids are soing. With Skye he took charge. his Bossy side definitely came out. It was nice to see some confidence though. He keeps telling everyone that Skye kept wanting to have picnics and he didn't want to.

Since being at Dad's we have stayed pretty busy. Over the last six months Dad and Alex and formed a really nice relationshi​p. Ever since Grandpa came to stay with us in Cincinnati in November Alex is much closer with him. He will even hold Grandpa's hand and climb on his lap and kiss him. Yesterday, we went to my old school (where i taught for 4 years). It was fun to see lots of my old friends. Alex loved "going to school". He was chattering away to everyone he met. You all know Shy he is not! Then yesterday afternoon, Lisa, my old college roomate, came over with her daughter and we went to the park. It was a really nice day. Poor Alex was exhausted. By 3:00 he was asking to get in his bed. I woke him up at 5:30! Tomorrow we are meeting with up with Michelle, Cooper, and Gabbi. For those of you who don't know...Mich​elle and Coop were are first and closest friends in TX. Alex and Coop were attached at the hip from the minute Alex was born. (I actually started hanging out with Michelle while I was still pregnant). Last April, They moved back to NC to be by family. Alex still asks to play with Cooper and whenever we drive that direction in town he asks if we are going to Cooper's house. So we try and get the boys together whenever I am here.

Alex and I fly home bright and early Sunday morning. We have a busy week. Tuesday we have swimming and Ms. Fran (our nurse) will be with us. I also have to draw blood off Alex's port that day. (Please pray for me to get it on the first try.) Wednesday we will go the zoo for the day with all our friends. Thursday, Fran will be back and we start riding! So by Friday Alex and I will be passed out.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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