Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Alex is feeling a little better. his fever broke this morning after 2 days of 103-105. He is exhausted still. He slept 14 hours last night and has already been sleeping for 4 hours this afternoon. He is happy and playing when awake though.

Alex is doing great with his tube. We are changing his feeding schedule and trying to get more of his calories during the day. The girls on my message board pointed out that this is more natural for the body. Today he has had almost all of his formula during the day, which is great. Right now he is getting 5 feedings that take an hour each. We will start working on decreasing the amt of time by increasing the rate that the pump delivers the formula into his stomach. His reflux has been much better with these bigger feedings than with the slow continuous drip he started on.

Alex and I start school tomorrow. We are very excited to start our curriculum. We are using a christian based reading heavy curriculum. We are adding some math and beginning phonics to it.


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